RainbowTimers Readme

RainbowTimers is a simple tool capable of tracking time to the second and copying it to the clipboard in number of minutes (rounded to nearest). It is provided "as is" without charge. Although the software is used for time tracking, the creator offers no licenses and makes no claims of suitability for use in a commercial, consulting, governmental, or other non-personal environment. The creator claims no responsibility for any loss of data or functionality or any other adverse effect caused by the use of this program. Use of this program is solely at the user's own risk.

RainbowTimers is Copyright © 2016 to Joseph Bauer.


Simply click one of the Start buttons to start counting seconds on the corresponding timer. This will change the button to a Pause button, which can be used to stop the count without clearing it.

To clear the time out of a timer, click the corresponding Copy/Reset button. This will stop the timer, calculate the time accrued to the nearest minute, copy the calculated minutes to the clipboard, and zero out the timer's time. The copied minutes can then be simply pasted into any document, spreadsheet cell, HTML field, or other software file or field which accepts paste input (preferably for minutes).

Each timer is associated with the nearest buttons and text box, of which each group has its own color to easily tell them apart. Any value can be entered into a text box; however this is purely for the user's own benefit and is not used programatically.


Q: I have a bug! Help! How do I report this?
A: First off, make sure you have the latest version. You can find it at www.bluestarcreations.net in the Tools tab. Once you're sure you have the latest version, for bug reports and feedback, send emails to joseph[pepper grain]bauer["a"-spiral]programmer[speck]net with a subject containing "Tool" and I will get back to you eventually.

Q: Will I get notified of a new version when it's out?
A: Sadly, no, I don't know how to do that yet, and I have no way of sending out emails. You'll just have to check back on occasion.

Q: Can I redistribute this?
A: Yep! So long as you don't try to claim it as your own and don't charge money for it, you can give people copies of the full download or point them to my site. All the original files must be included.

Q: Can I support this project?
A: Yes! Or rather donating pays me for the work I've put in so far, but will not make development go faster. This is a free-time project, but it's one I've poured many hours into. If you like it, you can pay me for it (hopfully generously :P) by clicking the button on the project's page to take you to PayPal.

Q: Do I need to register this?
A: Nope.

Known issues:

Version history:

v0.0.1.0 - Initial public release.