FAQ - Feel free to ask, but look here first.

This is a general FAQ. For individual FAQs, for now see the readme files.

Q: Is there an ETA on any of these?
A: No. All of these are free-time projects that lose out on time because of full-time work. They'll be done when they're done.

Q: Is there a main project you work on?
A: I've made the decision to make one called Rusted Sword my main project for now and hope to stick to it. Previously I had a "current obsession" at any given point in time that I focused on, usually between Ruby, Eyes, and Ghost, but also sometimes on projects not listed here. At this point, I have a hybrid approach, with Rusted Sword being my main project and a current obsession on the side.

Q: Does that mean all the others have stalled?
A: Oh, heck no! I'm still writing down ideas for them all and doing bits and pieces. Just not giving them all dedicated time like I used to when I had more to dedicate. Everything you see here is getting at least a little attention unless otherwise stated.

Q: Help! One of the projects isn't listed anymore!
A: That project probably wasn't getting enough attention for me to justify keeping it here. It's likely not dead, just sleeping.

Q: What about Rusted Sword?
A: It's actually my first 3D title, and as such, it's a bit hard to do a mockup. Once I get some graphics together, I'll put it up!

Q: Could you use a bit of help with these to make them go faster?
A: I tried that with one called The Power of Commands. It didn't go well. What started as a group project with people I knew from my main online home at the time ended with me scrapping nearly all of the resources and doing it myself. Basically, I learned that if you want a team, you need to have good lines of communication and a shared, or at least very clear, vision. As it stands, my brother occasionally helps me with music. So, in a word, no.

Q: What will these cost?
A: A fair, but as-of-yet undertermined price. I'm not going to gouge you.

Q: Will there be demos?
A: Yes. On top of that, some of these will also have premium versions with extra features for those who want to pay a little bit extra. Give a little, get a little.

Q: Can you help me with my game?
A: No. My advice is to either run or put yourself out of your misery. Games take dedication and LOTS of time. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started.

Q: Can you crank out a tool for me?
A: If you think it's useful enough for others, you can contact me at joseph[period]bauer["a" swirl]programmer[full stop]net and we might be able to work something out.

Q: Who does your graphics?
A: Me, barring one exception in PoC which is about all I salvaged from my team. I also do all my own writing, music (minus what my brother feels like giving me), and programming. I'm a one-man band.

Q: What software do you use?
A: Paint.NET for graphics, Anvil Studio for MIDI music, and PxTone for WAV music. For programming, I use Visual Studio, Java Eclipse, and TextPad for my web development stuff.

Q: What language do you write in most?
A: That's a tricky question. I favor C#, but it's not always the best choice for what I want to do. Java is also up there and I do a lot of HTML and CSS, but obviously not for game programming.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me at joseph[full stop]bauer[swirly "a"]programmer[point]net.