The Adventures of Renard: The Phantom Army – An 8-bit adventure.

A battle scene with characters led by a fox-man in light armor lined up on the right, the rest of the party consisting of a red-haired archer woman, twin teen boys in blue civvies, and a quadrupedal cougar in leather armor.  An enemy wolf-man in leather armor sics a pack of wolves on the party.

Renard Timbre is a military man: disciplined, dutiful, and honorable. The only unfortunate caveat is he's currently missing an army, including his most trusted friends. In the meantime, he'll make do with an enemy soldier and a ragtag crew of civilians. It's but a small matter; he's done more with less.

Hopefully, he can get everything in order before his patience runs out. Things should have been tied up 5 minutes ago.

Features will include:

  • A vibrant cast of characters each with their own combat and field abilities
  • A variety of battle formations to keep you on your toes
  • Build trust with your allies for combat bonuses!
  • A "FREE" system to reward taking down enemies
  • An "ACE" system to view additional scenes
  • Graphics true to 8-bit limitations
  • A complex story with humor, drama, and tragedy
  • A cooking system with recipes fit to eat!

Expect to see it on:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android