Ghost in the Machine - An RPG for retro handheld fans.

Remember the silver reflective screen and four grays? How about the green? Ever feel Indiglo® was a classy lighting solution that was never given a chance worldwide? Same here! Ghost in the Machine is a love letter to days when handhelds were younger!

Ghost in the Machine is done in various palettes to simulate the look you grew up with and remember most fondly, or the one you wish you'd had. The game itself is like nothing those handhelds ever saw, with a complex story and systems, optional characters and content, and other hallmarks of what would have been on a console at the time. The stylings may still be retro, but they're not your gray brick's!

Features will include

  • Free demo version
  • Various skin colors and screen color schemes
  • Monster battles visible in the field
  • Smooth battle transitions
  • Humorous story and characters
  • Multiple DLC color packs for monochrome, retro color, and full color!

Expect to see it on:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android