Eyes of the Moon - A magical platformer with a lot of heart.

Join a young boy named Lutie and his sidekick White on an adventure of magical mayhem! With a dream of being one of the cool kids, Lutie decides to become a wizard and is tasked by a light from the sky to fulfill a prophesy. Lutie must brave (loosely speaking) several old dungeons full of traps and enemies to find magical crosses stolen by wizards of old and return them to their rightful places to begin purifying the world's stale magical energies!

Learn and equip multiple spells at a time to burn, zap, freeze, and sheep your way through the dangers that lie before you!

Features will include:

  • Modular installments under the shareware model
  • Free first installment!
  • Several spells with various effects
  • Ability to carry up to 11 abilities at once!
  • Humorous and charming story and characters
  • Many colorful levels in various themes
  • Send White out to collect items out of reach or shoot hard-to-hit foes!

Expect to see it on:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android